• Home First Aid Kit H-14
  • Home First Aid Kit H-14
Home First Aid Kit H-14
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Best Home First Aid Kit CN | Household First Aid Kit | Just Pick One ! Rusun Safety+ has the best first aid kits for home use. As a manufacturer, we know well the situation home first aiding might meet.

Home First Aid Kit H-14

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Best Home First Aid Kit CN | Household First Aid Kit | Just Pick One !

Rusun Safety+ has the best first aid kits for home use.  As a manufacturer, we know well the situation home first aiding might meet. How to quickly assess the casualties conditions follow standard norms and carry out the first aiding and treatment with a home first aid kit can reduce the death of the emergency.

A first aid kit for a household can equip you to provide care for your family and loved ones. Whether you need a larger family first aid kit or a smaller one. An emergency first aid kit supplies you with the essential items which are based on you and your family's special conditions to relieve the injury or illness of you or your family. At the key point, the first aid kits can be the savior for most families.

A first aid kit is an important tool in quickly responding to accidents to ensure that injuries can be efficiently and promptly dealt with before a trained medical professional arrives to administer more specialized treatment.

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Home First Aid Kit H-14

First Aid Type: Home First Aid Series

Product Model: H-14

Instrument Classification: Class I

Warranty: 3 Years

Brand: Rusun Safety

Certification: CE, FDA, ISO

Dimensions: 28cm ×19cm ×20cm  

Bag Material: Waterproof Nylon Cloth

Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Paypal, etc.

Price Terms: FOB, CIF, CFR, EXW, etc.

Delivery: By sea or air

Customization Solutions:  Accepted

OEM & ODM: Accepted

Minimum Order Quantity: 500PCS

Home First Aid Kit List  121PCS


1pcs-(15cm)Bandage scissors

10pcs-(7.5cm)Iodine cotton tip applicator

1pcs-(11cm)Plastic tweezers

5pkts-(5*5cm)Sterile gauze swab

5pkts-(7.5*7.5cm)Sterile gauze swab

2rolls-(5cm*4.5M)PBT elastic bandage

2rolls-(7.5cm*4.5M)PBT elastic bandage

2rolls-(1.25cm*5m)Medical tape

1pcs-(2.5*46cm)Buckle tourniquet

5pkts-(9*17cm)Dust mask

20pcs-(3*6cm)Alcohol prep pad

10pcs-(5*6cm)Antiseptic cleansing wipes

30pcs-(7.2*1.9cm)Adhesive bandage

2pcs-(7.6*3.8cm)Knuckle adhesive bandage

2pcs-(6.5*4cm)Fingletip adhesive bandage

2pcs-(6*10cm)Elbow&knee adhesive bandage

2pkts-(96*96*136cm)Triangular bandage

4pcs-(2#)Safety pins

1pcs-(20*20cm)CPR face shield with 1 way valve

2pairs-(M)Sterile latex gloves

1pcs-(3g)Cooling oil

1pcs-(3ml)Essential balm

1pcs-(25g)First aid burn cream

2pcs-(100g)Instant cold pack

2pcs-(12.5*4.5cm)Cooling Gel Sheet

1bottle-(100ml, 75%+- 5%)Ethanol disinfectant

1bottle-(25pcs/bottle)Iodophor  absorbent cotton ball

1pcs-(14.5*8.6cm)First aid instruction

1pcs-(28*19*20cm)First aid bag



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1.Are you a manufacturer?
We have our own factory to produce this product.

2.Can we get samples?
Yes, you can. the cost of sample and freight of express is on buys' account , we will return the cost after you placing order

3.Can we print my own logo?
Yes, you can. We can make printing design according to your requirements, also we could offer various printing ways: screen printing, hot stamping, frost, etc. and...

4.Do you have a certificate?
- ISO 13485-2003 - CE - FDA - BSCI - DIN13164-2014 & DIN13167-2014

5.What's your delivery time?
Usually we produce within 7 days after receiving the payment.

6.Shipping Methods?
By express/By air/By sea.

7.What payment method?
We accept T/T, L/C for big amounts, and for small amounts, you can pay us by Paypal, Western Union, Moneygram, Escrow and etc.

8.How about the MOQ?
For RusunSafety standard set , the MOQ is 500 Sets

9.Can it be customized?
Yes, we do OEM and ODM.

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