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First Responder Medical Bag/Internal Medicine E-03-1 (41PCS)
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First Responder Medical Bag/Internal Medicine E-03-1 (41PCS)

EMS Bag/Internal Medicine E-02-1 (41PCS)(图1)



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Rusun Safety+ is a leading first aid kits manufacturer with the best cost-effective price which provides specialized medical bags for the EMT. EMT, as the professional first aider is the initial assistance or treatment given to a person who is injured or suddenly becomes ill. The accidental incidents might be a car crash, heart attack,  various bone fractures, etc. This situation is often complicated, at this moment, a fulfilled content EMT bag that includes the essential first aid contents will be a quick and big help. Here we recommend you the EMS Bag below.

First Responder Medical Bag/Internal Medicine E-03-1 (41PCS)(图2)

First Responder Medical Bag (Internal Medicine)

First Aid Type: Professional Ambulance Series

Product Model: E-03-1

Instrument Classification: Class II

Warranty: 3 Years

Brand: Rusun Safety

Certification: CE, FDA, ISO

Dimention: 62cm×38cm×30cm

Bag Material: 1200D Gucci waterproof fabric

Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Paypal, etc.

Price Terms: FOB, CIF, CFR, EXW, etc.

Delivery: By sea or air

Customization Solutions:  Accepted

OEM & ODM: Accepted

Minimum Order Quanqity: 500PCS

First Responder Medical Bag Contents 41PCS

EMT Medical Bag(图3)  Medical Oxygen Supply:

        1pcs-6ml Oxygen bottle

        1pcs-Flow regulator

        1pcs-Nasal oxygen tube

        1pcs-Oxygen mask

        1pcs-Tee tube

        1pcs-Humidification cup

        1pcs-Special wrench

        1pcs-Oxygen bridge


        1pcs-Instruction manual

EMT Medical Bag(图3) Disinfection & Debridement:

        1pcs-Iodophor cotton ball

        1pcs-Alcohol cotton ball

        1pcs-Medical cotton swab

EMT Medical Bag(图4) Hemostasis & Bandaging:

        1pcs-Latex tube tourniquet

        1pcs-Sterile dressing (small size)

        1pcs-Medical gauze laminate (small size)

        1pcs-Elastic bandage

        1pcs-Elastic cap

        1pcs-Triangle bandage

        1pcs-Gauze bandage

EMT Medical Bag(图5) First Aid Protection:

        1pcs-CPR faceshield

        1pcs-DIsposable medical examination gloves

EMT Medical Bag(图6) Diagnosis & Treatment:

        1pcs-Medical splint

        1pcs-Glass thermometer



        1pcs-Percussion mallet

        1pcs-Medical flashlight (including battery)

        1pcs-Tongue depressor

        1pcs-T-shaped opener

        1pcs-Tongue forceps

        1pcs-Single use oropharyngeal airway

        1pcs-Single-use urinary catheter

        1pcs-Gauze bandage scissors

        1pcs-Medical tweezers

        1pcs-Medical small grinding wheel

        1pcs-Big medicine bottle

        1pcs-Small medicine bottle

EMT Medical Bag(图9)  Others:


        1pcs-Configuration list

        1pcs-E-03 bag

EMT Medical Bag(图10)

1.Are you a manufacturer?
We have our own factory to produce this product.

2.Can we get samples?
Yes, you can. the cost of sample and freight of express is on buys' account , we will return the cost after you placing order

3.Can we print my own logo?
Yes, you can. We can make printing design according to your requirements, also we could offer various printing ways: screen printing, hot stamping, frost, etc. and...

4.Do you have a certificate?
- ISO 13485-2003 - CE - FDA - BSCI - DIN13164-2014 & DIN13167-2014

5.What's your delivery time?
Usually we produce within 7 days after receiving the payment.

6.Shipping Methods?
By express/By air/By sea.

7.What payment method?
We accept T/T, L/C for big amounts, and for small amounts, you can pay us by Paypal, Western Union, Moneygram, Escrow and etc.

8.How about the MOQ?
For RusunSafety standard set , the MOQ is 500 Sets

9.Can it be customized?
Yes, we do OEM and ODM.

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