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147PCS First Aid Kit for Workplace I-05A
  • Rusun Safety
  • China
  • 7 Days
  • 100,000pcs / M

147PCS First Aid Kit for Workplace I-05A

Industrial First Aid Kits I-02(图1)

Industrial / Workplace First Aid Kits | Corporate Security Responsibility !

Rusun Safety+ is dedicated to studying the types of industrial injuries to worsen the victims. And customize the diverse(small to big and durable type) premium industrial first aid kits to meet the different first aiding requirements of industrial workplace injuries. Such as coal, petroleum, electric power, steel, petrochemical, mining, machinery manufacturing, etc. 

Please select from our full line of workplace first aid kit series to meet your special needs. Check details to follow the industrial first aid kit checklist. OEM or ODM is accepted with best cost effective price. We have the industrial first aid kit wall mount type, industrial first aid kit suitcase-type, industrial first aid box type, industrial first aid cabinet type, and etc, to meet 5  to thousands of people.


Metal wrap angle + arc wrap: Reinforced connection, three-dimensional protection, tight and durable

Adjustable space partition: Freely divided space, customized storage space

Buckle design with lock: Exquisite design, easy to open and close. Double protection to protect privacy

Strong line carrying hand design: The curved line fits the curve of the hand, comfortable and labor-saving, easy to carry

Net pocket + Oxford belt: Fixed for convenient storage and retrieval of small items

FAK Main Functions:

Disinfection and debridement

Hemostatic bandaging

Body protection


Diagnosis and treatment

Call for help

First Aid Kit for Workplace  I-05A(图2)

12-inch Industrial  MedicalFirst Aid Kit 

First Aid Type: Industrial First Aid Series

Product Model: I-05A

Dimensions: 45cm×34cm×15cm

Box Material: Aluminum alloy

Instrument Classification: Class I

Warranty: 3 Years

Brand: Rusun Safety

Certification: CE, FDA, ISO

Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Paypal, etc.

Price Terms: FOB, CIF, CFR, EXW, etc.

Delivery: By sea or air

Customization Solutions:  Accepted

OEM & ODM: Accepted

Minimum Order Quantity: 500PCS

12-inch Industrial  MedicalFirst Aid Kit Checklist  147PCS

EMT Medical Bag(图3) Disinfection & Debridement:

       20pcs-()Iodophor disinfectant cotton swab

       20pcs-()Alcohol pads

       1pcs-(bottle)Iodophor cotton ball

       1pcs-(bottle)Alcohol cotton ball

       1pcs-(packet)Medical swabs

EMT Medical Bag(图4) Hemostasis & Bandaging:

       1pcs-()Latex tube tourniquet

       30pcs-()Waterproof bandage

       5pcs-()Sterile dressing (Small size)

       5pcs-()Sterile dressing (large size)

       10pcs-()Medical gauze (small size)

       10pcs-()Medical gauze (large size)

       8pcs-(roll)Elastic bandage

       1pcs-()Elastic cap

       1pcs-(roll)Self-adhesive elastic bandage

       2pcs-(packet)Triangle bandage

Fire Fighting First Aid Kit(图6) Bandaging Aid:

       2pcs-(roll)Medical breathable tape

       10pcs-()Safety pin

       1pcs-(pair)Plastic tweezers

       1pcs-(pair)Round head scissors

12-inch Industrial  MedicalFirst Aid Kit I-01A(图6) Fracture fixation

       1pcs-()Medical neck brace

       1pcs-()Medical splint

       1pcs-()Aluminum alloy phalanx splint

EMT Medical Bag(图5) First Aid Protection:

        1pcs-()Emergency blanket

        1pcs-()CPR faceshield

        1pcs-(pair)Medical exam gloves

Emergency Kit /Comprehensive Type D-07 (  )(图8) Diagnosis & Treatment:

        1pcs-()Digital Thermometer

        1pcs-()Medical ice bag

        2pcs-()Antipyretic stickers

        1pcs-()Medical burn dressing (Burn ointment)

Disaster Preparedness kit(图8) Emergency Tools:

        1pcs-()High frequency lifeguard whistle

        1pcs-()LED flashlight (including battery)

EMT Medical Bag(图9)  Others:

        1pcs-()First aid manual

        1pcs-()Emergency Medical Card

        1pcs-()Configuration list

        1pcs-()Aluminum alloy



330+Active Customers

Industrial First Aid Kits I-02(图3)

1.Are you a manufacturer?
We have our own factory to produce this product.

2.Can we get samples?
Yes, you can. the cost of sample and freight of express is on buys' account , we will return the cost after you placing order

3.Can we print my own logo?
Yes, you can. We can make printing design according to your requirements, also we could offer various printing ways: screen printing, hot stamping, frost, etc. and...

4.Do you have a certificate?
- ISO 13485-2003 - CE - FDA - BSCI - DIN13164-2014 & DIN13167-2014

5.What's your delivery time?
Usually we produce within 7 days after receiving the payment.

6.Shipping Methods?
By express/By air/By sea.

7.What payment method?
We accept T/T, L/C for big amounts, and for small amounts, you can pay us by Paypal, Western Union, Moneygram, Escrow and etc.

8.How about the MOQ?
For RusunSafety standard set , the MOQ is 500 Sets

9.Can it be customized?
Yes, we do OEM and ODM.

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