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Speial forces Anti-terror Rescue Backpack M-48
  • Rusun
  • China
  • 15 days
  • 100000 pcs / M

The anti-terrorism rescue backpack of the special combat detachment is equipped with v-shaped elastic back frame and auxiliary back pull belt. The back contact part adopts 3D mesh fabric to form breathable buffer structure. The length of shoulder strap and belt of backpack can be adjusted. The upper and lower position and length of chest strap can be adjusted. The front and side of backpack are equipped with Molle belt, which is used for carrying small equipment. Fabric suture strength The suture strength between fabrics should not be less than 500N environment adaptability.

Speial forces Anti-terror Rescue Backpack M-48

Speial forces Anti-terror Rescue Backpack M-48(图1)

Quick Response to Military Tactical Trauma | Best Military First Aid Kits |  Life Saving !

Military trauma kits and IFAKs are designed to use for the military in the worst environments around the world. IFAKs are trauma kits containing essential life-saving materials, bleeding control, and major wound treatments. Tactical trauma kit components include tourniquets, chest seals, combat gauze, and other hemostatic agents.

Rusun Safety+ provides military medical kits and individual first aid kits to the government and military. Browse our quality medical kits and IFAK kits, and find the best suitable for your soldiers. Customization of first-aid solutions to meet trauma first aid requirements of the combat is accepted.

Speial forces Anti-terror Rescue Backpack M-48(图2)

Military First Aid Kits M-48

First Aid Type: Individual first aid kit

Product Model: M-48

Instrument Classification: Class I

Warranty: 3 Years

Brand: Rusun Safety

Certification: CE, FDA, ISO

Dimensions:37 * 40 * 63 (cm) 

Bag Material: Military camouflage

Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Paypal, etc.

Price Terms: FOB, CIF, CFR, EXW, etc.

Delivery: By sea or air

Customization Solutions:  Accepted

OEM & ODM: Accepted

Minimum Order Quantity: 500PCS

Military First Aid Kits Contents 61PCS

2pcs-Timekeeping Freedom Tourniquet 

2pcs-Spinning Tournique 

2pcs-Medicine Latex Tube 

2package-Chitosan Granular 

Hemostatic Material 

1pacakage-Chitosan Granular 

Hemostatic Materia 

4package-Kaolin Hemostatic Bandage 

2package-First Aid Hemostatic 

Bandage (H type) 

4package-Gauze Bandage 

(Compression Curve Gauze 

2pair-Medical Gloves 

6package-First Aid Wound Bandage 

(c type) 

2package-Bandage for Eye Wound 

(Including cleaning fluid 

2package-Burn First Aid Kit (hydrogel) 

2pacakage-First Aid Burn Dressing 

2package-Triangle Towel First Aid Kit 

1pcs-Back pack Belt 

4pair-Medical Gloves  

5pcs-Nasopharyngeal Airway 

2pcs-Cricothyroid Membrane Puncture Neede 

1pcs-Cricothyroid Membrane 

Cutting Kit 

6pcs-Thoracentesis Needle 

3package-Chest Seal 

3package-Chest Seal (with exhaust)  

2pcs-Oropharyngeal Airway 

6package-Soluble Oil 

2pair-Medical Gloves 

4package-gauze Roller Bandage 

4package- Elastic Self-adhesive Bandage 

4pcs-Roll Splint (Folding Splint) 

2pair-Medical Gloves 

2pcs-First Aid Medicnel Kit 

(anti-in flam matory and analgesic) 

2pcs-Inflatable Pressure Infusion Bag 

1set-Iv Infusion Kit 

2pcs-Syringe Kit 

1set-Intraosseous Puncture 

Infusion Kit 

10package-lodophor Disih fection Cotlon Tablet 

1pcs-Back Pack Belt 

2pair-Medical Gloves 

1pcs-Emergency Thermal Sleeping Bag

1pcs-Emergency Thermal Sleeping Bag

1pcs-Pulse Oxygen Detector 

1pcs-Wrist ElectronicBlood Pressure Meter

1pcs-Emergency Scissors

1pcs-Head Lamp

1set-Wire Wound Ticket

1set-Wound Label 

1set-Injury Mark Card 

1set-Special Care Bed Sheet

2pcs-Marking Pen

1set-Simple surgical kit

1pcs-Underwater rescue apparatus

2pcs-ice bag

4pair-Medical Gloves



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 Speial forces Anti-terror Rescue Backpack M-48(图3) 

1.Are you a manufacturer?
We have our own factory to produce this product.

2.Can we get samples?
Yes, you can. the cost of sample and freight of express is on buys' account , we will return the cost after you placing order

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Yes, you can. We can make printing design according to your requirements, also we could offer various printing ways: screen printing, hot stamping, frost, etc. and...

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- ISO 13485-2003 - CE - FDA - BSCI - DIN13164-2014 & DIN13167-2014

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Usually we produce within 7 days after receiving the payment.

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We accept T/T, L/C for big amounts, and for small amounts, you can pay us by Paypal, Western Union, Moneygram, Escrow and etc.

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For RusunSafety standard set , the MOQ is 500 Sets

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Yes, we do OEM and ODM.

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